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Meeting blogger friends in Kuala Lumpur

The world is big, just only your world is small, so let’s go out of your world and meet new friends, they will give you the experience extremely enjoyable. If you are lucky ok, if not, you will not see the robbers and to return home. I was just joking!

That’s my story, come back a second time in Malaysia, accidentally I met fun friends through a fun at KL City Gallery. This is KL Chinese New Year Cultural Festival. The first time I saw an incredibly powerful media for the tourism industry in Malaysia. And we can also easily understand why Malaysia is a country with a very large impact on tourism in Southeast Asia region in particular and the world in general.

IMG_7054 copy

IMG_7100 copy
VIP arrival at the venue in a horse-drawn carriage

IMG_7104 copyIMG_7117 copy

In the true spirit of Visit Malaysia Year 2014, the festival showcased to the tourists of the most important Chinese celebration that has become part of the Malaysia cultural scene. At the festival, the Minister of Federal Territory and the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur invited the tourists to toss the Yee Sang – raw fish salad is very popular in the Chinese New Year holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. Everyone has had mixing, up it high and say Happy New Year.

IMG_7134 copy
Yee Sang

Registered tourists were each given a festival postcard which also served as food coupons for them to savour a variety of traditional festive delicacies and local favourites such as: Hainanese chicken rice balls, mandarin oranges, and a variety of traditional Chinese cookies and biscuits including Satay, Nasi Lemak, Roti Jala, Teh Tarik… and I have full when I come here, this is the best meal I have although the time I stay at Malaysia.

IMG_7077 copy
Free food coupons for Guest

IMG_7061 copy IMG_7066 copy IMG_7069 copy

Not only that I also met a lot of bloggers from Malaysia and we shared many stories about the culture and the people here. We are bloggers with many different specialties, but all have a focus point are write and share it with the world. That is what makes me most happy when I coming here and if Im not travel, all the great things that did not happen. It gave me many valuable lessons.

IMG_7080 copy IMG_7090 copy IMG_7088 copy

IMG_7169 copy

To keep everyone entertained, there were activities and performances that included the Chinese Orchestra Performance by the Tsun Jin High School, a special Guzheng performance, 18 Festival Drummers performance and a multi-cultural dance show. And many many activities in this festival.

Come and experience KL 2014

IMG_7055 copy

IMG_7137 copy IMG_7140 copy IMG_7201 copyIMG_7215 copy

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